Our body is designed to function with a delicate balance of opposing muscles working synergistically to create kinetic energy (or movement). Effective transfer of this kinetic energy relies on the proper alignment of the joints as we move. If the alignment is incorrect then the transfer of energy will either be completely wasted or directed in the wrong way causing injury.

Crown to Coccyx Alignment (C2C)

An example of proper alignment that is crucial when moving effectively is the crown-to-coccyx (C2C) alignment, which is the proper alignment of the spine from the coccyx bone through to the crown of your head (aka the Crown Chakra). This proper C2C alignment gives us a neutral spine (the spine has naturally occurring curves in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar regions which must be maintained at all times) and a neutral pelvic tilt. The neutral pelvic tilt is crucial for the proper alignment of the spine. If the pelvis is tilted too much in either direction the joints above it (the spine is a bony structure comprised of many joints) will be directly affected.

  1. The easiest way to achieve a proper C2C alignment is to start with the pelvis.
  2. Practice drawing circles with your coccyx by tilting  your pelvis forward, right, backward, left to get control over the tilt of your pelvis, this can be done standing or sitting on a fitball.
  3. Once you have this control find neutral by tilting your pelvis all the way forward (anteriorly) then all the way back (posteriorly) and right in between these two extremes is neutral.
  4. Once you have achieved a neutral pelvic tilt imagine that you are a marionette (a puppet) dangling by a piece of string attached to the crown of your head.
  5. Lengthen from your body from your crown upward and you will feel your posture change – your shoulder blades will naturally retract, your chest will lift ‘proudly’ and your chin will tilt slightly toward your chest while you will feel as though you are standing (or sitting) taller.
  6. Practice this posture while sitting on the couch watching tv, at your work desk, or while driving your car for best results and always maintain this alignment while exercising.

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